I am a loss mom, writer, and SEO specialist living in Minneapolis, MN with my husband Colin and my cat, Cally. Together, we celebrate the joys and difficulties in life as we navigate the loss of our dashing son, Jonah. Diagnosed with Heart Block (Neonatal Lupus) at week 18, he fought very hard until week 30, when his heart was no longer able to support his body.

After losing Jonah, I found the most comfort through writing and sharing my feelings with the internet. I write often on my blog dedicated to Jonah and living life after loss: http://www.letterstojonah.com/.

Going through such a life-changing experience makes a person re-evaluate what she wants and needs out of life, and so I’ve finally embraced my ability to put words together and am adding that wonderful word, “writer”, to my bio. I’m also working on adding “author” in that space, with a memoir of my difficult past couple years in the works. Having lost my mom suddenly and unexpectedly in November of 2014, having an onset of Lupus in February of 2016, and losing Jonah in January of 2017, my life has not been a cakewalk recently.

Somehow, I find the will to go on, and to share my words wherever I can put them ❤